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Our Mission

Your memories are our mission – capturing those fragments of the relentlessly passing time that are so precious to you heart. A wedding is a complex, multi-layered event with a dynamic rhythm, with numerous parallel stories and unforeseen situations that often happen at the exact same moment. A photographer’s job is not just to record whatever and however he or she manages. A photographer’s job is to be able to make a lightning-fast decision as to which of these hundreds small and big moments are worth pausing, documenting, and keeping for you to remember. A photographer’s job is to capture these moment’s emotional charge at their very core – without compromising in aesthetics, without gaps in the story’s chronology.

Photos that won’t gather dust, your personal time machine – this is our job, the one we’ll do for you.

the creator
сватбен фотограф Ивелин Илиев
svatben fotograf logo
“There is something deeply intimate about the trust that strangers put in you when they choose you to document one of their lives’ innermost moments. They put their trust in the belief that you will be able to catch the energy of every moment of their wedding day – the impatience, the anticipation, the tears of happiness, the emotions of the different generations, the legs that have tired from dancing legs, the laughter… The wrinkly hands of the family’s pillars and the serenity on their faces from the thought that, yes, the thread of life continues. To me, this act of trust is holier than any written contract.”


Every act of creativity lives its own life after it has left the hands of its creator. In this sense, our photos stop being “ours” at the same moment we show them to the audience and take the risk of leaving it to its assessment – this is the path of development that we have chosen. Behind all these accolades lies not just a lot of hard work and wisdom accumulated by mistakes, but above all our conscious decision to be better versions of ourselves today than we were yesterday, and tomorrow – better than today.
сватбен фотограф София
сватбен фотограф София
сватбен фотограф София


The photo selection shows our approach to wedding photography, which is an eclectic set of three different shooting styles – cinematic, creative documentary and traditional portraiture.

the clients about us

There is no greater personal satisfaction than the happy cheers and glowing faces of our clients when we hand them our work. We put our whole sould in these photos because we know that they are their precious memories. They respong to our energy with their own and this way, we achieve synergy that is visible in the appraisal we receive.
We are of that breed of happy people who endlessly love their work. We also love talking about it and sharing experience, knowledge, and impressions with the public.
Each couple has their own love story – we are honored to tell yours.
ивелин илиев тийм
сватбен фотограф | Ивелин Илиев

about us

We are Vanya and Ivelin. We are wedding photographers. .We have loved each other for 15 years and we are a family. We have a wonderful daughter, Nora, who is two years old and who teaches us lessons every day, including professional ones. Such as the importance of tucking away all the precious memories to get back to them – when you’re happy…
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