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We are Vanya and Ivelin

We are Vanya and Ivelin. We are wedding photographers. We have loved each other for 15 years and we are a family. We have a wonderful daughter, Nora, who is two years old and who teaches us lessons every day, including professional ones. Such as the importance of tucking away all the precious memories to get back to them – when you’re happy; when times are hard; when you want to recall a fact; when your hair has already grayed, and the memory does not serve you, but you want to experience your life at a rapid pace in its most sacred part. Nora has opened our eyes even wider to the importance of memories.
We used to live and work in Malaga, Spain, for more than ten years, and the experience we gained there, both life-wise and professionally, has determined our aesthetic view. Our shooting style is strongly influenced and shaped by the Spanish photographic wedding school and is technically characterized by dramatic contrasts, color dynamics, inclusion of geometry into the composition, and use of minimalism. Our priority for is undirected photography, capturing the emotions in their authenticity and their presence in every frame, but we do so based on a seriously defined aesthetic and style criteria we have formed over the years.

We are photographers who communicate with their clients, and not faces that hide behind the camera. We think of every single couple as of friends and re-imagine their day with the same excitement as they and their loved ones do. We believe that diving into the emotional world of our clients, rather than the impartial distant point of view, yields the most vigorous results. We base our work on the idea that, in hundred years, someone will go through these images by the means the technological wonders of the time with a single and very human purpose – to feel their roots and to get to know their ancestors. This is a heavy responsibility, and if you are a photographer by soul, you must take it.

We have photographed in all sorts of places, in different countries, in different cultural circles, and documented diverse customs. Our professional dream is to continue with this trend and to photograph weddings of people all over the world. As different as the customs and rituals might look on the surface, somewhere out there, at their very core – these are all human stories that are pushing to be told and preserved.

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