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Denitsa & Evgeni wedding at Chateau Copsa, Sopot

wedding photographer  Ivelin Iliev

Сватбена фотография от сватбен фотограф Ивелин Илиев

I’ve always believed that the choices people make about their wedding day give the clearest picture of their microcosm. If I had to paraphrase one of the most famous sayings, this is how it would sound: “Tell me what your wedding will be like so I can tell you who you are.”

Denitsa and Evgeni are temperamental, conceptual and energetic people with a taste for the eclectic, and they easily mix classical traditions with the modern elements of our time. Besides, it turned out that the two are wizards of surprises.

They had picked Chateau Copsa near Sopot for their wedding’s venue, among infinite sun-kissed vineyards, and idyllic views of the Rose Valley of Bulgaria. And while we, along with the guests, were immersed in this almost Tuscan atmosphere, there came the carriage with which the newlyweds were expected to arrive… empty. We were still recovering from the surprise when, with roar and blast, the two of them appeared on ATVs and shattered all our expectations for a classic wedding. But that wasn’t all. Upon the ritual’s end, they had prepared two hundred white balloons, which the guests released into the sky over the valley, blessing the newlyweds with their good wishes for a happy and lasting union.

The wedding celebration continued with a cocktail show around the pool of Chateau Copsa – Wedding agency Alegria had made sure that everything was lavish and consistent with Great Gatsby style. The culmination of the celebration was the presentation and cutting of the cake, prepared by Chef Radi Stambolov from Gavrosh Gourmet, which took place amidst a mystical fog of nitrogen, and the tireless newlyweds took part in the preparation of ice cream for their guests. The virtuoso violinist Tanya String also attended to everyone’s good spirit.

This photo selection received the Best Wedding Аwards in the 19th round of Inspiration Photographers – one of the largest organizations of wedding photographers in the world.
 To Denitsa and Evgeni we wish a life, as full of prizes and beautiful surprises – just as their wedding day was.

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