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The photo selection shows our approach to wedding photography, which is an eclectic set of three different shooting styles – cinematic, creative documentary and traditional portraiture. This gives us the flexibility to present every moment of your wedding day in its authentic emotionality.

The cinematic shooting style focuses on capturing vivid, dramatic, fashion-inspired stylistics, cinema and fine arts images, achieved by spectacularly integrating the environment into the frame and using artistic light schemes and perspectives. These are the photos that you will hand on your walls.

The creative documentary will trace the chronology of the day, but also discover and capture for you all those little moments that we find in the many layers of your story: the couple that kisses in the far of the hall while you cut the cake; the children that hide under the table; the high heels that have been taken off; the secret tears of the fathers. These are the pictures that will release and avalanche of memories.

Through conventional style or traditional wedding portraiture, we will document your relationships with your loved ones. We will create classic shots with clear lines and in natural light as we embody the pure emotion of the moment and the spirit of time in them. These will be the photos for your family memory.

That is how we shoot.

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