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Ashley & Dino wedding at Borovets, Bulgaria

Wedding photographer Ivelin Iliev, Vanya Monova, wedding at Borovets

Сватбен фотограф Ивелин Илиев, сватба в Боровец

I will cross the ocean for you
I will go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero your strength…

This is the story of Ashley and Dino who were born across the Atlantic Ocean. Once more, as a wedding photographer and life observer I realize that not even the stormy ocean can stop two souls from encountering each other if the Universe’s powers have predicted so.

Ashley and Dino arrived from America to celebrate their wedding at the groom’s favorite grandma’s house – villa Vesti in Borovetz. Thus, the mountain and its majestic pines could bear witness to their vows. It is a beautiful thing to witness how people’s happiness brings the high mountaintops to life, while the groom’s relatives are preparing the garden for the upcoming nuptials and evening celebration. Nature has the inimitable ability to enhance emotions and to give a special voice to the vows of love, loyalty, and mutual care. And to shelter tears of happiness and the sincere smiles of the couple’s beloved ones.

And when the time comes for everyone to party and dance until exhaustion, the mountain can change the dry weather forecast without any foreshadowing, and join the celebration with rain and thunders. None of the guests sought shelter from the rain – the party and the dances went on, lit by lightnings and accompanied by thunders. And they went on until the two, born on the opposite sides of the ocean, became one family.

Rila mountain and we wish all the world’s happiness to Ashley and Dino!

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