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Vanya & Stefano wedding at Pirin Golf Club, Razlog

Ваня и Стефано сватбена фотография в Пирин Голф

Penso che un sogno così non ritorni mai più…

The work that remains invisible to everyone, including our clients, is the moment every photographer takes a seat in front of the photos that he or she has just imported from the cards. They are our “primordial soup”, from which we create another universe and bring it to life with our work, imagination, and experience. I hope I don’t sound blasphemous, but in these minutes of creative intimacy, I feel almost in the shoes of God, and particularly at that very moment when I decide on the exact artistic way that I want to use to bring back the memories that have already been forged.

Poi d’improvviso venivo dal vento rapito
E incominciavo a volare nel cielo infinito

Vanya and Stefano. She comes from the Pirin mountain region, and Stefano’s Italian. Their wedding was held at Pirin Golf Club, and in the traditions of the region, the mountain was their witness. The Brilliantin Agency had taken care to create an extremely soft and romantic atmosphere as a counterpoint to the surrounding jagged mountain peaks, and the scene of the event represented a magical fusion between the great nature and the talented human hand. The wedding’s host was Maya Petkova, who once again put her heart and soul into recreating this love story.

E volavo, volavo felice più in alto del sole
Ed ancora più su

Are so-called “mixed” weddings any different? Both yes, and no. The way, in which rituals that are typical of one culture are presented and combined, so that everyone can feel at home, transforms the whole event, and requires closer observation through the viewfinder. But, on the other hand, beyond the appearance of things, all people, wherever they may come from, find their souls surrounded by love, laughter and tears of happiness. Isn’t that what we all need in the end?

Volare oh, oh
Cantare oh, oh, oh, oh

During the preparation, the men’s company had fun playing cards, and the ladies bravely drank champagne. And then, at the time when the jackets were thrown and the sneakers were put on, people of different nationalities showed their dance skills on the dance floor. A surreal moment was the participation of the Igradjii folklore ensemble and the hearty attempts of the Italian guests to master the steps of the Bulgarian horo. Violinist Tanya Strings was a special guest and inspired everyone with her virtuoso skills. I photographed and wished in my mind that Vanya and Stefano’s whole life together would be as happy and colorful as that day.

Ma io continuo a sognare negli occhi tuoi belli…

And my Vanya was by my side! After two years of maternal leave, she finally returned as a second photographer, taking on some of the weight of my work. I love it when we work together! We see more, capture more moments, unite our perspectives, and present our customers with a broad-spectrum picture. Welcome back!

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