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Evgeniya & Nikolay – wedding at hotel Primoretz, Burgas

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Wedding photography by Ivelin Iliev and Vanya Monova-Ilieva

One of the most exciting during the past 2020 was undoubtedly that of Evgeniya and Nikolay. Both are architects, so the choice to propose in front of the unique building of the Rokko Shidare Observatory in Kobe, Japan, came naturally to Nicky. This is also where the symbol of their love – the hexagon – comes from. After hearing their story, I immediately got inspired to search for hexagons in the composition of some of their photos as well. When they received their photos, one of their reactions was that I am the best architect among the photographers – and to me, this means I had risen up to the challenge. Jenny and Nicky’s wedding took place in Burgas with a church ceremony in the St. Bogoroditsa church, followed by a beautiful ritual on restaurant Neptun’‘s open terrace, located at the sea coast. Their young daughter was also part of their special day. Jenny is very emotional and did not try to hide it – there were plenty of happy tears and smiles during the whole day. The newly-weds had chosen Primoretz hotel’s restaurant for the reception of their guests, and everybody had the time of their lives.

About a week later, Jenny, Nicky and I took a walk along the streets of Sozopol‘s old town for a romantic post-wedding photoshoot. It was full of tourists who were filled with admiration for the beautiful bride. We also enjoyed the sunset at the marina, and then used the chance to take some photos with the streetlights on the town’s walls.

Because of me, Jenny and Nicky put on their wedding clothes for the third time. When I was a participant in the TV program The Photographers on BTV (you can watch the episode here), they came in to act as my models, for which I am deeply grateful!

Jenny and Nicky, I am delighted that my job gives me the chance to meet people like you! I wish you health and may your love grow old like wine – more real and exciting as time goes by!

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