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Ivana & Martin wedding at Sense hotel, Sofia

Сватбена фотография, София

We will probably always remember 2020 because it drastically changed people’s lives around the world, and in a way nobody had ever anticipated. I, however, with the amazing job I have, am happy to know people, whose memories of the year are happy and full of euphoria – despite the pandemic and the fear. These meetings, particularly in hard moments, make my faith in the power of the human even stronger, and they give me just that pinch of optimism that helps me move forward in dark times.

Ivana and Martin gave their vows to each other in the autumn of 2020. The wedding was small, but not because of the circumstances around the pandemic, but because it embodied their dream of a wedding in a close family circle, where emotions are condensed, intimate and you have the time to commit to them. The pre-wedding preparations took place in the exceptionally beautiful Sense hotel in the center of Sofia, in an apartment overlooking towards the St. Alexander Nevsky cathedral. In a purely human sense, I realized the situation’s huge symbolism – getting prepared for one of their most important moments right before God’s eyes. The photographer in me, of course, immediately framed the opportunity for a photoshoot with the beautiful church in the background – but through the perspective of the hotel’s modern and clean interior’s design, which allowed me to get both depth and reflections. Naturally, we strolled around Sofia’s streets, looked at our reflections in its windows, hid in its underpasses and walked its staircases. People in love look beautiful everywhere – even in the twilight of stone walls.
The wedding reception took place in Capo Mediterranean, amid mellow colors and cozy light. Indeed, this is what a photographer sees wherever he or she finds him-/herself – what the lighting is, how the colors look, and our eyes “take photos” even when we are not at work!

I am grateful to Ivana and Martin for trusting me and I wish them all the happiness in the world! Let them deal confidently and with lightness with any challenges along their way, even in dramatic times such as these!

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