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Tanya & Borislav – wedding in Leipzig, Germany

сватбена фотография в Лайпциг, Германия

Wedding photography by Ivelin Iliev and Vanya Monova-Ilieva

One of the most anticipated and exciting events for us this past summer was Tanya and Bobby‘s wedding. For us, the adventures started with the trip itself – we landed during a severe storm over Berlin and had to wait at the luggage band for almost five hours because of a personnel strike. Bobby stoically endured the hours of waiting at the airport to pick us up and at 6 am, we finally arrived successfully in Leipzig. Bobby is Bulgarian and Tanya is Russian, and they met in Germany, where they both have lived since they were children.

 We knew that we were about to have a crazy Russian-Bulgarian wedding with a German twist and guests of many nationalities. The wedding took place in a Russian Orthodox church, with a Russian priest, and lasted much longer than the Bulgarian rituals. Then, we headed to the outskirts of Leipzig, to the restaurant complex where the party took place. A charming Russian presenter and a talented singer entertained us with a varied program, in which they also included the guests. Bulgarian, Russian and contemporary rituals and dances alternated, and the memorable party went on until the wee hours of the night.
On the following afternoon, we took a walk through Leipzig’s city center for a short photoshoot, and Bobby introduced us to the best Munich Augustiner beer (we highly recommend it). For us, these few days were both very useful as an experience, and very pleasant thanks to the new acquaintances and friendships we made.

Tanya and Bobby, thank you for your tremendous trust and dedication, and thank you for making us feel not just like your photographers, but like your dear guests to your special day. Always be in love, successful and good people!

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